June 21, 2022 Successful Launch

USDTSeed project is a decentralized app on Binance Smart Chain. USDTSeed smart-contract has been audited by a third party auditor and it's verified on bscscan. USDTSeed contract enables the use of USDT for use in the yield investment industry.  

The sustainability of USDTSeed project will ultimately bring crypto users, miners, and investors under a single platform to stake, refer, and earn seed income with unlimited opportunities making use of decentralization and becomes a perfect yield platform which operates every second!

Make Yield Stable Coin Income Everyday!
Yield income paid on each and every block on Binance Smart Chain 
(approximately 3 seconds) from 80 days to Maximum is infinity.

  Yield income is paid on each and every block on Binance Smart Chain (approximately 3 seconds) from 80 days to Maximum is infinity.

  Minimum 2.8% daily for unlimited days (practically limited 10,000 days) to up to short term yield of 3.6% daily for 80 days.

  User can refer unlimited users under any level which way goes paying upto 10 Levels starting from 10% to a total of upto 16% unrestricted earning potential.

  Seed Incomes paid on each and every block and upto 16% of referrals dividends yield income which is again unrestricted earning potentials.

  Safe, transparent, legit, decentralized never ending farm yield to earn usdtseed that only charges 8% service fee.


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